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Inject a dash of style and character into your bathroom vanities and embrace the latest trends and modern designs of our bathroom cabinets. At Cre8tive Kitchens & Interiors, our passion is to create stunningly crafted and beautifully designed bathrooms. Our skilled craftsmen have years of combined experience in cabinetry and are ready to add some class and classic warmth to your space. Cre8tive Kitchens & Interiors will custom make the cabinet of your dreams and have it installed by our highly trained fitters. Our contemporary, modern bathroom vanities are made from the highest quality materials and offer elegance and exceptional value. Allow us to make it easier to transform your bathroom into a stylish, relaxing sanctuary. We allow home owners to exercise their creativity by designing their own vanity.

At Cre8tive Kitchen & Interiors, we custom manufacture your bathroom cabinets in our own factory in Durban allowing us to offer you the best in personal service. We will build and fit to your specifications adding that personal touch and eliminating the stress. We do our best to get an understanding of your home or office so as to provide you with the best look and design to fit your needs. We understand that purchasing a bathroom cupboard is a really important investment that should last you a lifetime. We pride ourselves on supplying our customers the very best quality materials, personal service and we do not compromise on our high standards. We understand the importance of superior value and quality when it comes to vanities. Whether it be free standing or a wall hung vanity, we do it all.

white bathroom cabinet with two taps

What are bathroom vanities and why do we need them?

A vanity is basically a bathroom or medicine cabinet. It is mostly used to store toiletries, medication, hygiene products and linen. Commonly placed under sinks or mounted on walls, bathroom vanities have become a staple in most modern homes. It has also  become the centre piece of any bathroom so it largely dictates the style.

Some retailers offer consumers more technologically advanced models that feature shaver sockets, audio, ambient lighting and even bluetooth. It is an important piece of furniture that adds considerable character to a bathroom while contributing to the overall design and style. It is important to note that a vanity
helps organise your toiletries making your life that much easier. 

Why not optimise space with a wall mounted vanity for smaller bathrooms. It adds that much needed extra space and still provides you with the storage room you need for your personal bathroom accessories. Over the past few years, the wall mounted versions have now become more popular than ever. You may even become overwhelmed at how many different bathroom cabinet styles, colour combinations
and features there are to choose from.

 If you have a large family and a bigger bathroom, you have the option of playing around with space. You also have the freedom of choosing or designing a bigger model with ample storage space for every family member. With the advances of new materials and design, vanities can now be designed the way you envisioned. There are endless choices when it comes to choosing colour, material, design and size. Bathrooms are usually the smallest room in a house and always filled with unnecessary stuff. A bathroom cabinet allows you to organise the clutter and add
value to your home.

Types of vanities

  • Pedestal sink or free standing sink. A basic design that does not have any
    particular storage spaces
  • Free standing. Designed with some of the functional features as a pedestal
    sink but also offers a square or rectangular look supporting one or two sinks.
  • Wall mounted or floating vanities. These are mounted directly onto your
    wall allowing for extra space in your bathroom.
  • Vessel vanity. Most commonly found it high end restaurants and hotel
    lobbies. It makes use of a raised bowl around the sink area that protrudes
    out of the main body of the vanity
  • Under mounted bathroom sink. Uses a basin that is built directly inside of
    the vanity
  • Vanity bathroom cabinet. A classic design with pull-out doors. Similar to
    what you might find in a traditional kitchen cabinet.
white toilet basin
white wood toilet basin with silver tap

We combine remarkable timber finishes and distinctive materials to create statement pieces that add style and personality to the contemporary bathroom. We are well known in the custom made cabinetry industry for our innovative vanity designs and an aesthetic range that will bring life to your bathroom. For bathroom vanities that are engineered to last and designed to impress, we suggest you choose Cre8tive Kitchens & Interiors now.

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